Why Veronika Only Hires Women From Homeless Shelters

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“I really believe that people can tackle far more than they think they can,” says Veronika Scott, 24-year-old CEO and Founder of the “Empowerment Plan” in Detroit.

Scott’s company, which was inspired by a homeless woman who screamed at her, exclusively hires women from homeless shelters, who are then trained and given a chance to live a life in independence.

“I think women have a really difficult time understanding how valuable they are. The idea of self-worth is very important to me because I grew up a kid of addicts,” says Scott about her own experience.

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Scott worked hard to prevent letting her childhood define the rest of her life and ended up getting a scholarship to go to college, where a class changed her entire life.

Take a look at the inspiring video to find out how the class changed her life and what exactly the homeless person yelled at Veronika that inspired her to help women go on a journey of independence, self-empowerment, and being proud of themselves.



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