WATCH: Olive Garden ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ Feeds Homeless People

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“Wouldn’t it be cool to do random acts of pasta?” That’s the question 28 year-old Matt Tribe of Ogden Utah asked himself when he received his Never Ending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden.

The pass allowed bearing unlimited pasta from Sept. 22 through Nov. 9 of this year, which was part of the limited edition (only 1,000) Never Ending Pasta Passes campaign Olive Garden started on September 8.

Matt’s goal (which he well exceeded) was to use the pass 100 times before its expiration date. However, quickly he realized: “I can’t eat that much pasta!” So he started distributing it amongst friends and family.

“When someone sends you food, nobody’s pissed! They’re always happy,” he realized and and off he went to spread that happiness to the homeless population in his area.

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 “The first lady I gave it to was like, ‘Are you serious?’ The first thing she said was, ‘I’m going to share this with my friend,’” Tribe said to ABC News. “I couldn’t believe it. It broke my heart that this lady has nothing and the first thing she says is she’s going to share with someone else. It changed my whole perspective.”

Tribe then decided to go to Olive Garden several times a day for takeout and then deliver his gift of fresh, hot Alfredo pasta serving over 10 homeless people.

“It was hard to find the homeless at night. But then I started finding some of their spots, and I chose a buddy of mine and he said, ‘Let’s go film this. So we spent a few afternoons just going after them and we gave it to them, and it was one of the neatest things ever,” he continued in his interview with ABC News.

Though Olive Garden was not an active participant in Tribe’s project, the company says in statement, “We applaud Matt for his generous use of the Pasta Pass, and we’re proud to play a small part in his powerful story. His actions align with our harvest program, which allowed our restaurants to donate more than 4.2 million meals to local food banks last year.”

You can watch the beginning of Matt’s journey in the video above, when he handed out Olive Garden pasta to homeless people for the first time on camera.


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