Content Quality
Our main goal at Luminary Daily is to report and tell aggressively positive, ruthlessly inspiring, and surprisingly entertaining stories from all around the world. We are committed to a high quality standard and staying true to our mission.

This is why we encourage our audience to tell us if an article or story did not live up to our standards or fall in line with the rest of our positive stories.

Facts & Accuracy
Despite in-depth research and double-checking facts before publishing any and all content on, we might get it wrong or have received incorrect information. It is important to us that we correct mistakes immediately and trust that our amazing community of positive thinkers will point out if this ever happens.

Please send us any content quality pointers or correction inquiries by using the form below. For story ideas or submitting articles of your own, please use our “Contribute” page.

Thank you in advance for filling out the form and helping us improve Luminary Daily’s quality and accuracy. We will send you an email with a link to the updated content and will additionally re-post the article on Facebook once it has been corrected.

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