Cure For Aids Might Soon Become Reality

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Everyday around the world, doctors are working to find a cure for the “human immunodeficiency virus” infection commonly known as HIV.

Even though the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 1.1 million people in the US were living with HIV at the end of 2010, there is hope for those infected by HIV and the final stage of the disease, AIDS (“acquired immune deficiency syndrome”).

We are happy to report that yet another person is now being counted as one of three who have cleared the virus.

After testing positive for HIV in initial blood work after her birth, a baby girl in California received drug treatments and shows no trace of the virus nine months later. She will be considered fully cured if her HIV-free status remains after the drug treatments (a combination of AZT, 3CT, and nevirapine) are stopped.

A baby in Mississippi was also cleared of the disease in 2010. The Mississippi baby, who is now three years old and continues to live without any trace of HIV, received early drug treatments that were stopped after 18 months.

At an AIDS conference in Boston, a researcher explained that these types of cases are going to be closely examined in an upcoming clinical trial, which could have powerful implications for how future HIV-positive babies are treated. In this trial, up to 60 babies who are born infected with the virus will be treated within 48 hours to see how they respond, reported the New York Times from the event.

But there is also an adult who has cleared the virus: Timothy Ray Brown, a San Francisco resident, has been HIV-free since 2007. Brown’s cure is attributed to a bone marrow transplant he received for leukemia.

These stories are powerful proof that there are countless doctors and people out there fighting the good fight. We truly hope that very soon we will be able to control the disease, giving people all around the world a chance for a new life.

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