We Heart Put Your Brand Here

Luminary Daily is proud to provide not only conventional digital advertising formats ranging from banner ads to pre-rolls, but also native advertising campaigns, which include:

  • Sponsored + Featured Posts
  • Brand Integration Into Editorial
  • Branded Videos
  • Social Media Mentions + Contests
  • Dedicated Content In Newsletters

Our secret

Over the years, our team has developed a secret passion for Branded Entertainment after producing and developing digital video series for brands like IKEA, Trident Gum, Ace Hardware, and Party City. We would love to get creative for your brand, too! We are on board for one-off, vignette-type videos, but are also ready to develop an entire set of interesting, relatable characters and episodes customized to your brand’s identity if that’s what it takes. We love the creative process, so bring it on!

Our Philosophy

It’s simple: if it doesn’t make sense for Luminary Daily’s brand and audience, it doesn’t make sense for our advertisers. We believe that working with brands that align creatively and philosophically with our ideas not only increases the advertiser’s ROI, but also improves our audience’s experience. Let’s create an amazing experience together!


Please contact info@luminarydaily.com with subject line “Advertising Inquiry” to request more information and we will follow up to chat about your specific campaign goals.