‘You Are Here for the Black Riots, Not the Real Story.’

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One year ago, we set out to launch a publication that would focus on reporting positive news only. Some people assumed that positive news meant seeing the world through rose-colored glasses or showing videos of animals doing cute things.

What we promised to achieve with Luminary Daily, however, was to provide a fresh, uplifting, yet honest perspective on the world in an attempt to offset the often times dark and overly brutal reports we have gotten used to receiving from the majority of news media.

While on the surface, the riots in Baltimore have been reported as a rather sad and negative story, once you dig deeper, you will find an encouraging narrative – like in the case of a young protester, who confronted Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera in West Baltimore last night (see video above). He showed the world that violence is not the only solution activists in Baltimore resort to.

“Why are you running away?” the protester asked a nervously smiling Geraldo Rivera.

“Just talk to me… a black man can raise his voice and you don’t have to be intimidated,” he added before getting to the core of the problem. “You are not here reporting about the boarded up homes and homeless people on the MLK. You are not reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue. You were not reporting (when) two years ago, 300 men marched,” to collectively send a message of peace and nonviolence, “… you weren’t there. But you are here for the black riots.”

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This young gentleman’s courage and passionate response to a larger, systemic issue is why we do what we do at Luminary Daily. We believe that there are good people out there. People who demand change. People who have the courage to step up for what they believe in. People who won’t stop fighting for progress until they leave a better world behind for their children.

The young protester in Baltimore is one of those people. He gives us hope and a wider perspective on what people in extreme situations are capable of. It is powerful voices like his that need more coverage in the news to remind each and every one of us that the real story involves more than just violence.

Quite to the contrary, it involves fearless individuals that, like the rest of us, condemn violence and are simply looking for a chance to be heard.

Let this young man’s courage be an example for all of us – especially in media. Let’s not create more violence by polarizing the country through inflammatory stories, but rather shine a bright light on the endless possibilities and daring heroes that are exposed when we are audacious enough to cut through the noise of a rioting crowd and listen carefully to the voices that matter.

The young protester’s nonviolent determination and wise words in the midst of a city in chaos is truly newsworthy and, we believe, a positive story.



About the author: Dominik Rausch


CEO and Editor in Chief at Luminary Daily.

Website: http://www.luminarydaily.com


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