Why Millennials Think The Future Is Bright

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Meet Joe and Jane “Millennial”: they are the generation of mostly under 34-year-olds (but older than 18), single, distrustful of others, unconcerned with formal institutions like marriage or political parties, well connected by their networks, and largely in debt. You might expect them to be discouraged, but they’re not. Quite the opposite: they are notably optimistic about the future.

The Pew Research Center recently released their report on Americans, which compared the attitudes and beliefs of Millennials with other generations, especially highlighting the economic obstacles facing this generation as they continue into adulthood.

It’s true that a majority surveyed agrees – Millennials don’t have it easy when it comes to their finances. Seven-in-ten Americans say that today’s young adults face more economic challenges than past generations did. And other statistics show that Millennials have very little faith that the Social Security system will be there for them when they grow older.

However, despite the financial stress, Millennials report blue skies ahead. More than eight-in-ten, regardless of employment, say they either currently have enough money to lead the lives they want or expect to in the future.

They also feel pretty good about where the country is headed. Just shy of half the Millennials believe America’s best years are still to come. More than three-quarters of Millennials worldwide even describe themselves as “very happy,” according to a 2012 Viacom study.

Thanks for the good vibes, Millennials, and keep it up! No matter what age group you are in, we think positivity is contagious.


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